About Us

About Greystanes

Doesn’t everyone have the right to a meaningful life in their community?

Greystanes Disability Services assists people with disabilities who may require significant support to participate and engage, to communicate, to exercise choice and decision-making, and for daily living and good health. 

Greystanes is committed to person centred service delivery and we support people to make choices and decisions about their lives and to take part in meaningful, everyday activities.

Greystanes was established in Leura in 1958 and was originally known as Greystanes Children’s Home.

Greystanes –

  • Supports people with disabilities. We provide 24/7 supported accommodation, community access and in-home support, day program, living skills, transport and more
  • Facilitates better community understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities and helps to foster a positive image of people with disabilities
  • Develops innovative training to improve service delivery and support to people with disabilities
  • Develops and provides innovative flexible services for people with disabilities, in line with our commitment to person centred service delivery

Our Approach

The people we support and their families are at the centre of decision-making, with support tailored to meet individual needs and goals.

Every Moment Has Potential

Greystanes is committed to continuously improving the quality of our services and we have adopted Person Centred Active Support as the framework for how we assist and support people to participate and exercise greater control and choice in their daily lives.

Active Support

We support people to be fully engaged in meaningful activities and relationships, to be socially included, and to have control over their own lives.

Genuine Engagement

Each person is unique, with unique skills and interests. We support each person by understanding their wishes and needs and by genuinely engaging them in activities they can master and enjoy.

Our History

Greystanes Disability Services has been providing quality services to people with disabilities since 1958.

Greystanes was established in the late 1950s when Matron Elizabeth McDonald opened the original “Greystanes Children’s Home” in Leura at the corner of Grose and Megalong Streets (the current “Bygone Beautys” building). At that time, the grey stone building was called “Greystanes”.

The Process of Devolution

From 1997 to 2011, the organisation was named “Disability Enterprises” and in 2000, the process of devolution began. The NSW Government directed that the institution be devolved from a residential facility to community living in accordance with changes in philosophy and legislation relating to the care of people with disabilities. Greystanes now manages seven community homes in the Blue Mountains and Penrith as well as day activities for people with disabilities through Day Programs, a flexible home support service, and the development of staff training materials and resources for families.


The process of devolution has been recorded in a DVD and kit created by Greystanes Disability Services called “A Place to Call Home – Talking About Devolution”. The kit was launched in May 2010 and has had a significant and positive impact on the disability sector. It is used by the Shut In Campaign to Close Institutions to demonstrate that people with disabilities who have high support needs should not be denied the right to live in the community. The DVD can be seen on Greystanes’ website or Greystanes’ YouTube channel.

Person Centred

In recognition of its proud history, the organisation returned to its original name in 2011 is now known as Greystanes Disability Services or simply, Greystanes. Greystanes continues to provide high quality support to people with multiple disabilities and complex health needs so that they may participate fully in their lives in their local community. We are committed to person-centred, community-based services that are flexible and responsive to the needs and wishes of people with disabilities and their families.

Providing Quality Services

NDIS Provider No. 70185749

Greystanes is an approved National Disability Services (NDIS) provider and ICARE (NSW Insurance and Care) provider. Greystanes are fully accredited under the National Standards for Disability July 2018 and the Australian Community Industry Standard 2018 (ACIS: 2018).

Quality Monitoring, Review and Continuous Improvement

The Greystanes Board of Directors as well as the Management Team and the Quality Coordinator, are responsible for maintaining compliance with relevant laws and regulations and internal and external quality processes. Greystanes’s internal systems and processes are continuously monitored, reviewed and improved through a number of channels, including internal audits, surveys, focus groups, feedback and complaints, research projects and internal and external reviews.

Corporate Governance

Greystanes is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee. It is also a Public Benevolent Institution and holds an Authority to Fundraise for Charitable purposes, with tax deductible receipts provided for donations. The company is exempt from income tax but is registered for GST.

The company’s registered office is at 2 Grose Street Leura, in the Blue Mountains approximately 100 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD.

A volunteer Board of Directors has responsibility for oversight, future direction and financial management of the company.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible to the Directors for all operational matters and achieves this in conjunction with a management team representing all areas of the company and staff.

Greystanes’ services include shared supported accommodation in the community, in-home support, day programs and activities for adults.

While each unit has its own budget, plan and manager, they all operate under the legal structure of Greystanes.

Governing Legislation

Greystanes supports the legislative framework that is in place to protect the rights of people with disabilities. We meet the requirements of the Charitable Fundraising Act 1991. Greystanes operates within existing legislative frameworks and complies at all times with the National Standards for Disability and other relevant legislation.