Greystanes Response to COVID-19

Message from Robert Tinsey, CEO

Greystanes Disability Services has been very proactive and busy implementing changes ahead of government directions. We have always aimed to have best practice.

Our first changes, apart from reminding everyone to wash hands and faces very frequently, was to stop visitors and to rearrange our staff rosters to limit staff cross-contact so between people we support and each other. This was a massive job and a great credit to all of our staff for their co-operation and understanding.

We have managed problems as they have arisen. Fortunately, our staff and our people are in good health.

We are now moving to the next stage of our protective practices.

Please keep in mind that COVID-19 infections are silent and invisible. This means that we are not immune, despite best practices of avoidance, from this coronavirus. We must be realistic and forever vigilant.

Keep safe and keep well.