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Links - Early Childhood

NSW Council for Intellectual Disability (NCID): Diagnosis and Assessment Factsheet

The NSW Council for Intellectual Disability has compiled factsheets for the various life stages around people with intellectual disability. The link below takes you to a factsheet for Diagnosis and Assessment of disability. Included is a list of early intervention services sorted by region.

Link: http://www.nswcid.org.au/images/pdf/health_fact_sheets/1_Fact-Sheet.pdf


Activ - Parent Portal Timeline

The homepage of this website has a life-events timeline with links to support and info that may be helpful at various points of your child's development, from diagnosis, through early childhood and adolescence to leaving school and so on.

Link: parentportal.activ.asn.au/

Lapstone Preschool, Nepean Lifestart

Telephone: (02) 9623 2100

Link: www.lifestart.org.au


Macquarie University Special Education Centre

Telephone: (02) 9850 8691

Link: www.mq.edu.au/research/research-centres-groups-and-facilities/healthy-people/centres/musec-school

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